Mission Statement

The mission of the Anderson County Humane Society, Inc, doing business as “BARC”, the Humane Society, is to offer refuge, care, nourishment, and a second chance for life to abandoned, injured, lost and mistreated animals.

We are committed to the protection of all animals from cruelty, neglect, carelessness and ignorance.

We will foster a sentiment of humanity and gentleness toward all animals. With education of the public, we will support enforcement of all laws concerning the welfare of animals and the promotion of responsible pet ownership.

We will strive to eliminate the tragic surplus of homeless animals by educating the public of the importance of sterilization. We will provide painless euthanasia when needed. 

Form 990

To keep members apprised of our financial situation, BARC, The Humane Society makes available our most recent IRS Form 990. You may download the first page below. The entire document is available for Public Inspection at the animal shelter. Financial services are donated to BARC, The Humane Society by Bolton Sullivan, Taylor & Weber, L.L.P. 

Board Members

Virginia Hightower - President
Elaine Heaton - Vice President
Lalayne Rich - Secretary
Brenda Beazley - Treasurer
Patsy Bush
Susan Leggett
Pam Smith
Pat Stephenson
Joy Bass
Laura Munoz
Leigh Webb

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to spay or neuter my adopted pet?
Yes, Texas Health and Safety Code Chapter 828 requires that every animal adopted from an animal shelter must be spayed or neutered. Adult cats and dogs must be spayed or neutered within 30 days of the adoption date. Infant animals adopted must be spayed or neutered when the animal reaches the age of 6 months. Violation of this chapter is a criminal offense punishable as a Class “C” misdemeanor.

Do you euthanize pets for the public?
Yes, you can bring your pet to BARC, The Humane Society for painless euthanasia.  There is a $25 fee.

Is BARC, The Humane Society or the Anderson County Humane Society a government agency?
No. We have a contract with the city and county to house the animals city and county animal control picks up, but we are a charitable, non- profit organization.

What is the difference between BARC, The Humane Society and the Anderson County Humane Society?
They are one and the same. The Anderson County Humane Society started doing business as the Biddell Animal Rescue Center (BARC), The Humane Society, when our new facility was completed in the summer of 2005.

How is BARC, The Humane Society funded?
We are funded by several income sources, including contractual income, adoptions, donations and fundraisers.

How long are animals kept at the animal shelter?
We try to keep animals for as long as they are physically and mentally healthy. Length of time also varies according to the time of year, how much room we have and the animal.

What types of animals are placed in foster care?
Animals that are not  ready for adoption may be placed in foster care if foster homes are available. They may have a minor illness, may be too young for adoption, or may be recovering from an injury. The program includes any type of animal that we take in.

May I foster if I have pets of my own?
Yes, you may foster if you have your own pets. However,  foster animals should be separated from your pets to reduce the risk of disease transmission.

Can you find my pet a new home?
We cannot guarantee that we will find your pet a home.  Only pets that we believe are healthy and temperamentally sound are made available for adoption. We will certainly do what we can. 

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